Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Connecting All People to Christ

Our Vision

At St. Stephens, we see God at work in us, among us, and through us Connecting All to Christ by:

Nurturing Faith
(in us)

Strengthening Relationships
(among us)

Serving Our Communities
(through us)

God nurtures our faith through his Word (The Bible) and sacraments (Baptism and Holy Communion).  Through all stages of life, we make intentional efforts to immerse ourselves in God’s Word through vibrant worship, prayer, faithful Bible study, and active discipleship so that we might grow in faith.
God has blessed us with wholeness by restoring our relationship with him through the work of Jesus Christ.  We therefore develop healthy relationships with one another and within families through family ministry, fellowship, a Christ-centered school, and peacemaking.
St. Stephens does not exist for itself.  God has blessed us so that we might also bless others with words of grace and acts of mercy.  We serve and share grace where our lives intersect with others as we purposefully strive to make a difference within each of our communities.

Our Values

Why we do what we do

1.    God’s Word and Sacraments Grace connects us to Christ

People are connected to Christ and strengthened in their relationship with him through his Word and Sacraments.  We therefore place these Means of Grace [the ways by which God shares His Love with us] at the heart of our community life and worship.

2.    Vibrant WorshipLutheran worship is celebrated in a variety of styles

People experience God’s grace and respond to his salvation through our worship services.  Recognizing that our community is diverse, we value different forms of worship that connect our community to Christ.

3.    Prayer Prayer is a privilege and priority

We voice our faith and grow in our relationship with God as we communicate with him through individual and corporate prayer.  Thus, prayer is both a privilege and priority.

4.    Discipleship God’s Word nurtures our faith

Ongoing Bible study matures us as disciples of Christ.  Through all stages of life, we make intentional efforts to immerse ourselves in God’s Word in order to nurture our faith.

5.    Family Ministry for All GenerationsAll people of all ages are valued children of God.

We care for the needs and nurturing the faith of all God’s people through all stages of life.

6.    Healthy Relationships The gospel transforms our relationships with peace

We value healthy relationships and strong families.  Therefore, we help people live in grace and learn peacemaking as they respond to conflict in biblical ways and cultivate healthy relationships.

7.    Christ-Centered School A place of spiritual development and academic excellent

We value the spiritual development of our children as they grow in academic excellence.  Our Lutheran school is a vital ministry to nurture our children and impact our community with the gospel.

8.    Service to our Community God uses us to make a difference

God calls us to be a blessing within our community through acts of love and service.  We actively share God’s mercy where our lives intersect with others as we serve those in need.